Merchant ServicesA referral partnership program with Card Marketing, Inc. will provide you with the opportunity to offer merchant credit card processing services to your customers with the added benefit of ongoing monthly residual income for you! As a Card Marketing partner, your company can tap in to 29 years of industry experience that will expand your product offering, increase customer loyalty and grow your business.

As a partner, you will have the ability to grow your business and your bottom line while also providing you with a new source of revenue for your business, stronger customer relationships and a distinct competitive advantage.

Who is a Good Referral Partner?

We most commonly partner with financial institutions, associations, franchises, internet service providers, web designers, and commercial realtors, but we are not limited to these particular businesses.  Any business who sells products or services to other businesses is a good referral partner for us. We will work with you to create a program you can market to your customers!

Financial Institutions Referral Program

We will help to design a referral partnership program for your customers that your employees will be excited to offer. We have been partnering and designing these programs for over 20 years and would love to design one for you.

Program Features:

  • Employee Training
  • Joint Marketing Campaigns
  • Employee Promotions
  • Revenue Sharing

Associations Referral Program

Many associations are looking for new ways to generate income. We will help design a program that provides your members with competitive rates and at the same time earns extra income for you! You will begin earning residual income based on the credit card transactions they process. This is a Win/Win opportunity for everyone.

Web Designers & Internet Service Providers

Companies can integrate merchant services into their technology products and offerings, creating an integrated solution if they desire, or they can choose to just be a partner by offering our solutions to their business customers through a referral relationship, thereby providing a comprehensive merchant services program to their customer base.  We have several exciting e-commerce options for your customers, and utilize the industry’s most secure payment gateways, including A virtual terminal is also included with all gateways.

Our security and fraud solutions deliver the most up to date protection throughout the payment process to provide your customers with comprehensive data security.

If you would like to offer an economical e-commerce option to your customers and earn upfront incentives and quarterly residuals, please give us a call.

All other Business to Business Providers

If you are providing a service or product to business owners, a program will be designed for you that will generate extra income and on-going residuals for your business.